Lindr Pygmy 25/K NEW beercooler with aircompressor

✓ Lindr Pygmy 25/K
✓ Dry Contact Beer Cooler
✓ Inbuilt aircompressor (2.7 bar)
✓ Maximum tapcapacity of 35 liter/ hour
✓ Cooler for small groups and parties
✓ Pouring beer with CO2  possible
✓ Suitable as portable draught beer dispenser

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Lindr Pygmy 25/K beer dispenser

The Pygmy 25/K is a dry cooler. The cooler comes with an inbuilt aircompressor, which makes that you can use airpressure to pour beer. The inbuilt aircompressor can be switched on and off manualy, meaning you can also pour beer by using CO2. You need a CO2 pressure reducer to do this.

The Pygmy 25/K is designed for professional cooling and dispensing of excellent chilled beer for domestic use, garden parties or smaller events. The cooler has a maximum tapcapacity of 30 liter/hour. Excellent chilled beer will be ready within 10 minutes after the cooler has been switched on.

Due to its compact dimensions and light weigth, this beer cooler is very suitable for mobile use. The modern compressor cooling unit uses the power input for direct transfer to chilling, which guarantees minimum energy usage. All external construction and the cooling coils are made from stainless steel, making the beer cooler robust. The materials used meet the hightes requirements for hygiene standards and guarantee a long working life of this cooler.

Dimensions: 311 x 181 x 334 mm
Weight: 18.0 kg

The Pygmy 25/K as portable draught beer dispenser

Because of it's light weight, compact size and internal aircompressor the Pygmy 25/K is a great portable draught beer dispenser. The aircompressor removes the need to take a CO2 cylinder with you. You only need the Pygmy 25/K with connecting materials and a keg. The beer dispenser is easy to connect, plug in and within 10 minutes you have a cold beer where you want.

Cooler only: This product is only the cooler. If you want to order a tapset with a keg coupling and tubes, you will find it in the right column on this page under related products. To preserve your beer tap, it is important that you maintain the beer tap well, i.e. it must be cleaned regularly. If you want to buy a beer tap complete with connection set and basic cleaningset, take a look at the Pygmy 25/K complete at the bottom of this page.

If you want to pour beer based on CO2, you can buy a seperate COpressure reducer.

Did you know that: pouring beer based on airpressure has its advantages as well as disadvanteges. We have put these in an infographic for you.

More Information
Merk Lindr
Amount of Coils 1
Amount tappoints 1
Dimensions 311 * 181 * 334 mm
Weight 18,0 kg
Tapcapacity 35 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor Yes
Power 322 W
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