Lindr Pygmy 25/K NEW including tapset

✓ Lindr Pygmy 25/K Beer tap
✓ Beer tap type dry cooler
✓ Portable draught beer dispenser✓ Tap capacity 35 liter per hour
✓ Can be used without CO2
✓ Beer Tap for small Restaurants, Pubs and Bars
✓ Standard 1 tap points
✓ Included (beer keg) couplings and hoses
✓ Including Drip Tray
✓ Cleaning kit included

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Buy Lindr Pygmy 25/K beer tap complete set

The Lindr Pygmy 25/K Beer tap is a dry cooler for cooling and dispensing beer in smaller restaurants, corporate offices and home use. The Pygmy 25/K beer tap is ideal for use as a mobile beer system. The Lindr Pygmy 25/K has a built-in air compressor, which allows you to draft your beer on air pressure instead of CO2. The built-in air compressor in the Pygmy 25/K can be switched on and off manually, which also allows you to use CO2. When using CO2 you will need to use a external CO2 reducer. The cooling time to reach the desired temperature is 8 to 10 minutes.

This complete beer dispenser consists of hoses, couplings, connection kit and cleaning kit.

Size: 311 * 181 * 334 mm

Weight: 18.0 kg

The Lindr Pygmy 25/k as portable draught beer dispenser

Because of the internal air compressor, light weight, and compact size of the Pygmy 25/k this beer dispenser is perfect to use as a portable beer dispenser. The only thing you need next to the Pygmy 25/k complete is a keg. You can easily connect the keg with the keg coupler, plug in the beer dispenser and within 8 to 10 minutes you can have a perfectly cooled beer wherever you want.

Lindr Pygmy 25/K Beer tap complete set

You can easily assemble the Lindr Pygmy 25/K to your own wishes. With the drop down you can easily choose your dispense head and cleaning set. Would you like to know which beer keg dispense head you need for your favorite beer brand? Click on the link and discover! dispense head

Did you know that: Drafting on the basis of air pressure have also has disadvantages. We have put these in an infographic for you

More Information
Amount of Coils 1
Amount tappoints 1
Dimensions 311 * 181 * 334 mm
Weight 18,0 kg
Tapcapacity 35 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor Yes
Power 322 W