1. Convert David tapsystem

    Convert a David tapsystem with our conversion kit

    The David tapsystem is a famous tapsystem, definitely in the Netherlands. It is originally designed by Heineken. The Daivd tapsystem is a small mobile bar with a keg cooler and dispense tower at the top of the keg cooler. It is a very practical dispensing system specially for events and parties. In the dispense tower there is a thin transit tube which can be easily replaced after connecting a new keg to the David tapsystem. Due to its uniqueness to replace the transit tube together when connecting a new keg, you don't need to clean the beer tubes from the David tapsystem. At the end of the transit tube there is a small sort of dispense head S-type which makes that you can only connect S-type kegs to the David tapsystem and normally you should only be able to pour beers like Heineken, Amstel and Brand. 

    Pouring other beer brands with your David tapsystem 

    What if you have a David tapsystem and want to

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  2. Lindr Green line coolers

    Green Line beer dispensers, beercoolers and soda coolers from Lindr

    The newest generation beer dispensers, beercoolers and soda coolers from Lindr are all Green Line coolers. That means that these cooling compressors are all equipped with R290 refrigerant which is more environmentally friendly. Out of that are these coolers also made from fully recyclable materials and are energy saving. The new Green Line coolers from Lindr contribute to a better climate. The cooling capacities of the several coolers are the same. 

    Both dry coolers, waterbath coolers and soda coolers 

    The new cooling compressors with the R290 refrigerant are used for dry coolers, waterbath coolers and soda coolers. So almost all of the Lindr coolers are now Green Line coolers. With these new Green Line coolers you buy a cooler which is more environmentally friendly, energy saving without any concessions on cooling capacity. 

    Just watch the movie below in which we explain

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  3. Assembling a stout tap on a Kontakt 40

    Assembling a Stout tap on a Lindr Kontakt 40

    For a client who wants to poor Guinness beers with his Kontakt 40 dry cooler we replaced the standard chrome tap for a Stout tap. By assembling a stout tap and making use of a nitrogen pressure reducer this client is able to poor stout beers like Guinness or another stout beer with his Lindr Kontakt 40. The stout tap together with the nitrogen pressure reducer gives Guinness beer its unique foam structure. With the other standard chrome tap together with the CO2 pressure reducer this client is also able to dispense normal beers. 

    With this solution this client can poor several beers with a Kontakt 40 including stout beers. The stout tap doesn't fit on the standard chrome nut which is standard assembled on a Lindr tap. That's why we replaced the tap screwing together with the nut. 

    Lindr beer cooler for stout beers

    With a simple adjustment it is possible to poor several types of beers with a Lindr dry

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