Cleaning kit

✓ Sanitation set
Consists of:
✓ Cleaning adapter of your choice
✓ Cleaning balls 8mm (5 pieces)
✓ Cleaning brush
✓ Sanitation chemical
✓ Optional cleaning bottle
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Beer cooler cleaning kit

This cleaning kit consist of

  • Sanitation chemical
  • 5 x 8mm sanitation ball to clean the tubes
  • Cleaning adapter of your choice
  • Cleaning brush for tap
  • Cleaning bottle (optional)

If you would like 10mm sanitation balls instead of the 8mm, please let us know!

For a long and enjoyable use of your beer dispenser it is important that you clean it regularly. With the cleaning chemical you can thoroughly clean the beerdispenser head and the taps. The cleaning brush can be used to thoroughly clean the drain of the tap. The adapter can be used to rinse the entire beer cooler with water after you have connected it to a water supply network. The sanitation balls fit in the back of the beertube before you rinse the tube with water, the remaining beer that is located on the walls of the beer tube will be loosened.
For a detailed explanation of how to clean a beer cooler you can look here
In the dropdown menu at the top of the page you should indicate whice cleaning adapter you wish to receive. This depends on the dispense head you are using.

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