Complete deluxe cleaning kit

✓ Cleaningset deluxe
✓ Fast cleaning after use
✓ Thorough cleaning
✓ 5L Cleaning detergent
✓ Suited for Lindr beer dispensers

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Complete deluxe beer dispenser cleaning kit

This complete cleaning kit consists of everything you need to clean your beer dispenser. Included in this set are a clenaing adapter for fast rinsing and a cleaning bottle for more thorough cleaning with detergent. Furthermore this set contains a tube with ball valve which can be connected to the beer dispenser/tower to make cleaning with the sponges easier. This set is complete for a keg coupler type of your choice. You can select this using the drop down menu.
Note: This set is only suited for Lindr beer dispensers/systems (beer coolers and dispense towers), some parts of this set will not work (correctly) with other brand dispensers/systems.

This deluxe cleaning kit consists out of:

  • 5L cleaning bottle
  • Cleaning adapter
  • Brush for cleaning the keg coupler
  • 2x dispense tap brushes
  • 20x 8mm cleaning sponges for the beer dispenser
  • 5L cleaning detergent for the beer disepenser
  • John Guest coupler for drying the beer dispenser
  • Tubeset for easily cleaning the beer dispenser with 8mm sponges