CWP 300/K profi Green Line mobil

✓ Lindr CWP 300/k profi mobile
✓ Green Line beercooler
✓ Maximum tapcapacity of 300 liters an hour
✓ Dispensing beer with using CO2
✓ Mobile beerdispenser

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Lindr CWP 300/K profi Green Line Mobil

The Lindr CWP 300/k profi mobil is a professional beercooler which uses very modern cooling techniques to cool down the beverages. This mobile beer dispenser has a maximum cooling capacity of 300 litres an hour, and is within 10minutes after connecting ready for serving cold drinks. With the help of the inbuild waterbasinpump the beer is cooled all the way to the top of the dispense tower.

The Lindr CWP 300/k profi mobil has a build in aircompressor which can be manually switched on and set at the right pressure for your beer. Because of the option to switch the aircompressor on and off manually the possiblity of using CO2 when serving beer will stay available. This raises the flexibility of this beerdispenser even further.

  • Weight: 71,0 kg
  • Dimensions (l*w*h) 572*420*1523 mm

CWP 300/k profi Green Line Beerdispenser

The CWP 300/k profi is a Green Line beerdispenser. This means that the beerdispenser is made off fully recyclable materials and uses a more environmental refrigerant. This beer cooler is also more effecient and has a 20% higher cooling power and uses 20% less electricity.

Configuring the CWP 300/k profi

The Lindr CWP 300/k profi can be easily configured to your own wishes with the help of the dropdownmenus. With the first menu is is possible to choose a tapset, the second and third can be used to choose the keg couplers and the fourth and final one to choose a cleaning kit.

More Information
Amount of Coils 2
Amount tappoints 2
Dimensions 572 * 420 * 1523 mm
Weight 71,0 kg
Tank capacity 28 liter
Tapcapacity 200 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor Yes
Power 1311 W
Ice bank 0-5 kg
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