Beertap Lindr CWP300/K profi mobile complete set

✓ Lindr CWP 300/k profi mobile
✓ Mobile beertap for events
✓ Within 10 minutes at right temperature
✓ Dispense tower with 2 taps
✓ Maximum cooling capacity of 200 liters an hour
✓ Dispensing without need for CO2

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Lindr CWP 300/K profi Mobile complete beertap

The Lindr CWP 300/K profi mobile is a modern and professional beer dispenser designed for mobile use at parties or events. This beer chiller has a maximum cooling capacity of 200litres an hour and a continuous cooling capacity of 180 liters per hour. The water in the water basin is used to chill the beer all the way to the top of the dispense tower. Within 10 minutes after connecting the CWP 300/K profi mobile is ready to be used to serve the first cold beers. Pouring beer can be done with the inbuilt aircompressor which can manually be set to the correct pressure. It is also possible to switch the compressor off and pour beer by using CO2. All of these properties make the CWP 300/K profi Mobile beertap suitable for a wide range of varities.

  • Weight: 71,0 kg
  • Dimensions(l*w*h) 572*420*1523 mm

CWP 300/K profi Mobile Green Line

This Lindr beer dispenser is part of the Green Line series from Lindr. The Green Line chillers by Lindr are made of high quality materials which meet the highest hygiene regulations and are also fully recyclable. Furthermore the refrigerant, R290, is more environmental friendly and the chiller uses as little electricity as possible.

Lindr CWP 300/K profi mobile configuration

With this set your beerdispenser is ready to be used and you can pour beers by using the aircompressor. The set contains the required tubes and cleaning kit. The only thing you need to select are the right keg couplers and cleaning adapter.

More Information
Amount of Coils 2
Amount tappoints 2
Dimensions 572 * 420 * 1523 mm
Weight 71 kg
Tank capacity 28 liter
Tapcapacity 300 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor Yes
Power 1080 W
Ice bank 0-5 kg