Kontakt 70/K 1-tap beerdispenser with aircompressor

✓ Beertap type drycooler
✓ Lindr Kontakt 70/K 1-tap
✓ Maximum Tapcapacity Of 90 litres an hour
✓ Draft Beer Without Using CO2
✓ Suited for professional use
✓ Suited as mobile dispenser at parties and events

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Buy Lindr Kontakt 70/K 1-tap beerdispenser

The Kontakt 70/K 1-tap is a drycooler by Lindr with a maximum cooling capacity of 90litres an hour. The Kontakt 70/K will reach the desired temperature within 10minutes and therefore very suited as a mobile beer dispenser. With the build in aircompressor you can draft using airpressure without the need for CO2. The aircompressor can be manually switched off meaning the option to draft using CO2 stays availible. This beerdispenser is suited for professional use at larger events and parties.

The Lindr Kontakt 70/K 1-tap is a very powerful beerdispenser. All the external construction is made from stainless steel. The chiller uses environmental friendly refrigerant and thanks to the modern cooling techniques uses as litte electricity as possible.

The Kontakt 70/K is also very suited to be build into a mobile bar unit.

The Lindr Kontakt 70/K 1-tap is cooler only with which you can cool your beer. You still need a keg coupling and hoses. If you don't have one yet, you can find it in the right column on this page under the related products. To maintain your beer tap and to be sure that you will always tap a good beer, it is important that you regularly clean your beer tap. You will also find a cleaning set with the related products. If you would like to buy a complete beer tap so that you can be sure that you receive everything you need to tap immediately, take a look at the Kontakt 70/K 1-tap complete that you will find at the bottom of this page.

More Information
Amount of Coils 1
Amount tappoints 1
Dimensions 346 * 247 * 444 mm
Weight 30,6 kg
Tapcapacity 90 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor Yes
Power 598 W
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