Properties of the Lindr coolers

Each Lindr cooler has its own characteristics. On this page you will find the different properties of the different beer coolers. The table shows symbols that show the properties of the various Lindr coolers. If you click on the name of the relevant beer cooler, you will immediately get to the product page of this cooler where you will find more detailed information about the beer cooler in question. Everything to help you make an informed choice to buy the right beer cooler that suits your situation.

Lindr beercooler Drycoolers

Lindr Undercounter coolers

In the table below the symbols with the properties of the Lindr water bath beer coolers. In this table we have also processed the properties of the CWP beer coolers, CWP beer coolers are a combination of dry cooler and undercounter cooler.

Beer cooler


Unit Power

of water
Number of

Amount of
cooling coils
incl. length (m)

Voltage &

Beer coolers with R290 refrigerant

All Lindr coolers are equipped with the R290 refrigerant. This is environmentally friendly refrigerant and is less damaging to the environment than the previously used R134a refrigerant. The R290 refrigerant can be found in all beer coolers from Lindr.

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