Kontakt 300 Twin Power Greenline

✓ Lindr Kontakt 300 beertap
✓ Very powerfull drycooler
✓ Maximum tapcapacity of 300 litres an hour
✓ Suited for use at large events
✓ Suited for commercial use

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Lindr Kontakt 300 Twin Power Greenline

The Lindr Kontakt 300 Twin Power Greenline beertap is the most powerfull drycooler by Lindr. This beercooler has been designed for use at large commercial events where there is a great demand for cold beer, for example at summer festivals. The Kontakt 300 has 2 cooling coils and can be used as a tablemodel draft beer dispenser, or as an under counter beercooler so the beer is dispensed from a beer dispense tower. The Kontakt 300 has a maximum capacity of 300 litres an hour and a continues capacity of 240litres an hour.

Kontakt 300 Twin Power Technical properties

The input side of the Kontakt 300 has 2 steel threadings with an outside diameter of 5/8". These connect to the two cooling coils of the Twin Power, both of which have a length of 35meters. In these cooling coils a total of 4,5L of cold beer can be ready for dispensing. As a greenline cooler the Kontakt 300 is made of fully recyclable materials and uses the more environmental friendly coolant R290. The materials also meet the highest hygiene standards and guarantee a long service life of the cooler.

Kontakt 300 Twin Power taps

By default the Lindr Kontakt 300 is delivered with 5/8" innerthread connections and without dispense taps. It is possible to order the machine with dispense taps as well, this can be done with the help of the dropdownmenu. There is a choice between chrome Lindr compensator taps or freeflow compensator taps. If you need a CO2 pressure reducer or cleaning set you can order find these at the related products.

More Information
Amount of Coils 2
Amount tappoints 2
Dimensions 595 * 390 * 550 mm
Weight 70
Tapcapacity 300 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 1150 W