Beertap Lindr Soudek 50 3-taps

✓ Beertap Lindr Soudek 50 3-taps
✓ Dry cooler with handmade oak wood barrel
✓ 2 chilled bevarages and 1 non-chilled bevarage
✓ Maximum tapcapacity 50 liter/hour
✓ Chilled beer withing 5-10 minutes

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Lindr Soudek 50 3-taps beertap

The Lindr Soudek 50 3-taps is a dry beer cooler. The cooler has a quality processed oak wood design which is made manually. When you put multiple Soudek 50 beertaps side by side you see that each tap is unique. The oak wood barrel gives the cooler a luxurious and aesthetic design. The maximum capacity of the Soudek 50 3-taps is 50 liter per hour and is therefore suitable for small to medium sized groups and parties. The Soudek 50 3-taps beertap is from tapcapacity the same as the popular Kontakt 40 beertap. The best chilled beer will be ready within 5-10 minutes after the cooler has been switched on.

The coolers has two chilled cooling coils, which means that only two chilled beverages can be poured and the third beverage can not be cooled.

The cooling coils are made of stainless steel and the materials used meet the highest requirements for hygiene standards.

Dimensions: 413 * 349 * 530 mm
Weight: 31.0 kg

The Lindr Soudek 50 3-taps for all your drinks

Because of the 1 uncooled and 2 cooled taps this Lindr dispenser is the perfect complete system for all your drinks. You use the cooled taps for beer and white wine and the third uncooled tap for red wine. This gives you the option to dispense all 3 drinks from just one dispenser. You can connect wine from, for example, a keykeg or a bag-in-box using our bag in box pump.

More Information
Merk Lindr
Amount of Coils 2
Amount tappoints 3
Dimensions 549 * 349 * 530 mm
Weight 35,2 kg
Tapcapacity 50 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor Yes
Power 557 W