Lindr cleaning machine SP profi

✓ Lindr cleaning machine SP profi
✓ Thoroughly cleaning of your beer tap
✓ Ideal for cleaning more beertaps or bigger installations
✓ Cleaning with water, sanitation chemical and air vibration 

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Lindr cleaning machine SP Profi

This cleaning machine is designed for thoroughly cleaning of your beer dispense installation with water, sanitation chemical and air vibration. The cleaning machine SP profi has a strong pressure pump with a performance up to 12 bars. Due to this the cleaning machine SP profi is the perfect cleaning machine for bigger beer dispense installations in pubs, bars and restaurants. 

Configuring the cleaning machine SP Profi

Via the drop down menus you can easily order fittings, tubes and cleaning brushes together with your cleaning machine. This accessory package will make it much easier to connect your cleaning machine to your beer dispensing installation. Via the second drop down menu you can also order 5 liters of dopiline cleaning chemical.