Lindr Kontakt 40 beer cooler with 2 taps

✓ Lindr Kontakt 40 2-tap beer tap
✓ Lindr beer dispenser
✓ Dry cooler beer tap
✓ 120 to 140 good chilled beers per hour
✓ Suitable for big(ger) parties and events
✓ Also suitable for mobile use

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Beer tap Lindr Kontakt 40 2-taps

The Lindr Kontakt 40 with 2 taps is a beer tap dry cooler. With a continuous cooling performance from 40 litres per hour this beer tap is good for 120 to 140 good chilled beers per hour and that within 5 minutes after switching on. The 2 taps makes it possible to pour 2 different beers simultaneously.

The Lindr Kontakt 40 2-taps beer tap is very popular among craft brewers, event organisers and rental companies. You will see this beer tap also a lot at beer festivals and other kind of events. Due to its compact size and weight you can take the Kontakt 40 2-taps easy with you and use it as a mobile beer tap. 

The Kontakt 40 2-taps beer tap is a Greenline chiller from Lindr. Greenline beer taps and beer coolers from Lindr are made of fully recyclable materials. For the cooling compressor Lindr chooses the R290 coolant which is much more environmentally friendly. Greenline beer taps and beercoolers from Lindr are also much more energy efficient. 

Complete your Lindr Kontakt 40 2-taps beer tap

You can complete your Lindr Kontakt 40 as you wish. The first dropdown menu is for the pressurerecuder and tubes. You can choose for a double pressure reducer with tubes, a single pressure reducer with a splitter in the beer tube or a single pressure reducer with a splitter in the air tube. In the second and third dropdown menu you can choose the dispense head you want to receive. The fourth dropdown menu is for the sanitation set, this makes it easy to clean your cooler properly and so extend the working life.

When choosing the right CO2 pressure reducer, dispense heads and sanitation set, you receive the KOntakt 40 2-taps beer tap as a complete set. The only thing you need to organise yourself are the beer kegs and a bottle of CO2 gas and you can enjoy good chilled beers from your own beer tap. 

More Information
Merk Lindr
Amount of Coils 2
Amount tappoints 2
Dimensions 478 * 227 * 468 mm
Weight 26,0 kg
Tapcapacity 50 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 322 W