AS-40 Glycol Green Line NEW

✓ Lindr AS-40 Glycol
✓ Voor ice cold beverages
✓ Cooling to below 0℃
✓ Cooling capacity of maximum 40 Liters/hour
✓ Equipped with digital thermostat

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Buy the Lindr AS-40 Glycol beercooler

The Lindr AS-40 Glycol is a cooler designed to cool beverages to below the freezing point. The waterbath in the AS-40 Glycol has a digital thermostat with a lowest temperature of -6℃. With the help of the python pump you can get the cold coolingwater in a recirculation/python tube and use it to cool your beverages. This cooler has no standard cooling coils in it, but only the pythonpomp the circulate the cooling water.

When using this cooler it is important to add anti-freeze to the water in the waterbath to prevent it from freezing shut

Dimensions: 485 x 266 x 429 mm Weight: 19,0 kg

The Lindr AS-40 Glycol has a maximum cooling capacity of 40 litres/hour.


More Information
Dimensions 485 * 266 * 394 mm
Weight 19 kg
Tapcapacity 40 liter/hour
Power 437 W
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