Lindr CWP 300 V

✓ CWP 300V
✓ Cooling and heating
✓ 4 Wheels for easy moving
✓ Suitable for fermentation

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Lindr CWP 300 V

The CWP 300 V is an unique machine with which you can use for cooling and heating up. This makes this machine very usefull for fermentation and the production of wine.

The CWP 300 V has 2 digital thermometers, 1 in the waterbath en 1 in the tank. You can use these to set the temperature very accurate. The moment the temperature changes the CWP 300 V will start to cool or heat. The CWP 300 V will reach the set temperature within 15minutes after switching on the machine.

Dimensions: 515x418x907mm Weight: 45,0 kg

The CWP 300 V has 4 wheels and is thus, depsite its weight, easy to move.

TAKE NOTE! Because of the specific use and properties of this machine we usually don't have the CWP 300 V on stock. You can still order the CWP 300 V and we will contact you about the expected delivery time. The minimum delivery time of the CWP 300 V is 2 working weeks.

More Information
Weight 41,5 kg
Tank capacity 30 liter
Power 2162 W
Ice bank 10-20 kg