AS-40 Glycol

✓ Lindr AS-40 Glycol
✓ Voor ice cold beverages
✓ Cooling to below 0℃
✓ Cooling capacity of maximum 40 Liters/hour

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The Lindr AS-40 Glycol is a cooler designed to cool beverages to below the freezing point. The waterbath in the AS-40 Glycol has a digital thermostat with a lowest temperature of -6℃. With the help of the python pump you can get the cold coolingwater in a recirculation/python tube and use it to cool your beverages. This cooler has no standard cooling coils in it. 

When using this cooler it is important to add anti-freeze to the water in the waterbath to prevent it from freezing shut

Dimensions: 439x267x452mm Weight: 20,0 kg

The Lindr AS-40 Glycol has a maximum cooling capacity of 40 litres/hour.