The Python pump in Undercounter beer coolers

All Lindr under counter water bath coolers have a python pump. This pump is used to keep the water in the water bath moving and to prevent the water bath from freezing. This has to potential danger of breaking the cooling coil. Because of this it is important to always have your python pump working when the cooler is turned on.

Water recirculation with the python pump

With all Lindr water bath coolers you can use the python pump to recirculate the water all the way to the top of your dispense tower. This is done with the help of a python tube. A python tube is an insulated tube with two recirculation tubes and as many beer tubes you need for your cooler (up to 8). The cold water of the under counter water bath cooler can cool your beer all the way to the top of the dispense tower. You will need a dispense tower with a recirculation coil. If your dispense tower doesn’t have a recirculation coil you can cool to the base of the dispense tower and use a John Guest U bend to return the water back to the under counter water bath cooler.

Without recirculation

If your dispense tower is close to the under counter cooler, less than 2m but preferably right under it, you don’t have to use a python tube. Normal insulation tube should be enough. Like stated above you still need to use the python pump to keep the water moving. To do this you can use a recirculation tube from the exit of the python pump right back into the water bath.

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