Insulation tube

✓ Insulation tube for beer tube 9,5 mm
✓ Ideal when the distance from cooler to dispense tower is longer
✓ Sold per meter

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IZO 00006

Insulation tube for beer tube size 9,5 mm

The insulation tube can be used in combination with the beer tube with an outside diameter of 9,5 mm. Usefull for the tube that runs from your beer dispenser to the dispense tower, keeping the beer cooler for longer.

The price of the tube is per meter. Next to the "Add to cart" button you can indicate how many meters you want to order. The insulation tubes is then delivered in pieces of maximum of 2 meters long. If you order 4 meters you will receive two pieces of 2 meter. If you order 3 meters, you will receive a piece of 2 and a piece of 1 meter.