Lindr AS-80 NEW undercounter beer cooler complete set

✓ Lindr AS-80 NEW water beer cooler complete set
✓ Lindr waterbath cooler
✓ Maximum cooling capacity 80 L per hour
✓ Beer tap for small restaurants, pubs and bars
✓ 1 or 2 Tap points
✓ Dispense tower chrome, PVD / Titanium or Prisma
✓ Included keg coupling and hoses
✓ Including Drip Tray
✓ Cleaning kit included

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Buy Lindr AS-80 NEW undercounter beer cooler complete set

This complete set with the Lindr undercounter cooler AS-80 is a beer cooler for professional beer cooling in smaller restaurants, pubs and bars. The AS-80 is ideal for use as a undercounter cooler. The cooling time to reach the desired temperature is 1.5 a 2 hours. The built-in thermostat of all Lindr coolers keeps the water bath at an evenly distributed temperature.

This complete set consists of hoses, keg coupler, connection kit , cleaning kit and a steel dispense tower (chrome, PVD / titanium coating or Prisma) with 1 or 2 beer dispense taps. You only have to provide a beer keg and a CO2 bottle.

Dimension: 589 * 330 * 474 mm

Weight: 27.5 kg

Lindr AS-80 undercounter beer cooler complete set.

You can easily assemble the Lindr AS-80 water cooler to your own wishes. With the drop-down menus you can easily choose the desired color of the dispense tower and number of dispense taps and you can also choose the desired beer keg coupler. From the first keg coupler you will also recieve the cleaning adapter. If you want to know which beer keg coupler you need for you favorite brand of beer you can find out on our special page on keg couplers

It is possible to connect any other dispense tower up to 4 taps from the webshop to an AS-80. It will then be a custom package with all parts separately. If you need help with this, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

More Information
Amount of Coils 2
Amount tappoints 1, 2
Dimensions 589 * 330 * 474 mm
Weight 27,5 kg (koeler only)
Tank capacity 18 liter
Tapcapacity 80 liter/hour
Power 506 W
Ice bank 5-10 kg