T2 tower custom brushed stainless steel

✓ T2 Tower custom brushed stainless steel
✓ 2-taps dispense tower
✓ Unique design tower
✓ Possibility for illuminated LED

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T2 Tower custom brushed stainless steel

T2 dispense tower with 2 compensator taps fully custom brushed stainless steel. This occasion T2 tower had some light damages when we received it, this is completely repaird and afterwards custom brushed by us for unique look. The T2 tower is already a design dispense tower and by brushing the stainless steel the T2 Tower gets an even more unique look.

This T2 dispense tower has 2 compensator taps which makes this tower suitable for pouring special beers. Equipped with 9,5mm transit tubes from approximately 2 meters each makes connecting to your beercooler very easy. For assembling on your bar top the T2 Tower has a 1,5" threaded tube so you need to drill a 51mm whole in your bar top for assembling.

In the drop down menu you can also choose for a taplite transformer for the illuminated LED. The LED component is already assembled in the T2 Tower.

When you are looking for a unique design dispense tower for you bar. This unique T2 Tower is yours. We only have 1 piece on stock and sold = sold.

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