Steel dispense tower chrome Alpha taps

✓ Lindr Steel dispense tower chrome
✓ Dispense tower with 1 or 2 dispense taps
✓ Including chrome tapmedals
✓ Tower with Alpha compensator taps
✓ Easy to connect to a beercooler

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Steel Beer Dispense Tower Chrome with Alpha compensator taps

Stylish dispense tower by Lindr with a simple design. This version of the steel dispense tower has an Alpha compensator dispense tap. This Alpha dispense tap remains open during the dispensing of beer and is therefor very suited to be used in bars or during events where there is a need to dispense multiple beers in a very short time. The dispense tower wil be delivered including the tapmedals for presenting your beerbrand or company.

Configuring the steel draft beer dispenser with Alpha dispense taps

With the help of the dropdownmenu you can choose if you want 1 or 2 dispense taps. If you want to have a dispense tower with more dispense taps you can contact us for the possibilities.

More Information
Amount tappoints 1, 2
Weight 3-5 kg
Color Chrome