Python 6 + 2 per meter

✓ Python
✓ 6 x tube for bevarages
✓ 2 x tube for water recirculation
✓ Price per meter

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This python tube is used if the distance between the your dispense tower and your beer cooler is more then 2 meter and your beer cooler is equipped with a recirculation pump. The python has 6 tubes for beverages and 2 tubes for the water circulation, all wrapped with insulation and tape. Price per meter.

By working with a python tube you have the advantage that you can have your beer cooler in a basement or cabinet and still cool your beverages all the way to the dispense tower.

Because it is very accurate for python tubes on the length and number of tubes, we have the python custom made especially for you. Therefore, take into account a minimum delivery time of 2 weeks.

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Weight 0
Outside diameter tube 9,5 mm, 12,7 mm