Lindr Sparkler dispense tap chroom

✓ Lindr sparkler dispense tap
✓ Tap for stout beers
✓ Tap for nitro coffee
✓ With compensator
✓ Fits into Lindr beer dispensers

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Lindr Sparkler dispense tap

Lindr sparkler dispense tap made for dispense stout beers and nitro coffees.For draught Guinness it is better to use the other stout tap on our website, in the case of Guinness this will result in a better draught beer.

The Sparkler dispense tap has the same connection as a regular Lindr dispense tap. Because of this it is very easy to install one into a Lindr drychiller. The dispense tap will be delivered including a 35mm threaded end. The dispense tap has a compensator tap to manage the flow speed of the beer or coffee.

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