Lindr Soudek 50 complete beerdispenser

✓ Lindr Soudek 50 complete
✓ Lindr drychiller
✓ Maximum cooling capacity of 50L an hour
✓ Oakwood beerdispenser
✓ Mobile beerdispenser
✓ For parties and events

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Lindr Soudek 50 with 2-taps complete

The Lindr Soudek 50 is a luxurious design beer chiller for carterers, restaurants and breweries looking for a design beer dispenser. The casing of the Soudek 50 is made of high quality oak wood and stainless steel. The oak wood ensures that no Soudek 50 is exaclty the same and each is unique.

The Soudek 50 2-tap is a dry chiller with a maximum cooling capacit of 50 litres an hour. The drychiller will reach the desired temperature within a couple of minutes after connecting and you are ready to serve some cold beers. The Soudek 50 is therefore a great mobile beerchiller at, for example, garden parties or barbecues. The handle at the top of the Soudek 50 makes moving of the chiller very easy.

Customizing your Lindr Soudek 50 with 2 taps

This set is easy to customize to your own wishes. Using the first and second dropdownmenu you can choose the types of keg couplers you would like. With the third menu you can choose the cleaning adapter with your cleaning set. Included in this set are the required tubes, couplers and CO2 reducer. All you need to provide are a CO2 cylinder and 2 kegs of beer.

More Information
Merk Lindr
Amount of Coils 2
Amount tappoints 2
Dimensions 413 * 355 * 533 mm
Weight 32.0 kg
Tapcapacity 50 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 322 W