Lindr Naked Cold Bridge 4 Dispense Tower

✓ Lindr Naked Cold Bridge dispense tower
✓ Dispense tower with tight and nice design 
✓ Tower with 4 taps/coils
✓ Dispense tower with illuminated tap lenses

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Dispense tower Lindr Naked Cold Bridge 4-taps

Dispense tower with a sleek and nice design, that is the LINDR Naked Cold Bridge. This dispense tower is a true eye catcher for your bar! With the 4 taps with which this tower is equipped, you can pour 4 different beers simultaneously. With the illuminated tap lenses you can also show you favourite beer brands or your own beers with this dispense tower. 

The dispense tower is made of stainless steel with a beautiful wooden finish. The beer tubes are made of 8 mm stainless steel. The dispense tower is 49,7 cm high and 58,0 cm wide. This Lindr dispense tower comes complete with 4 taps and is easy to mount on any bar.

The Naked Cold Bridge 4-taps dispense tower is very popular for brewing pubs, bars and restaurants where they want to have more beers on tap. 

We do not have this dispense towers in our standard stock. Should you wish to order this tower, we will contact you about the delivery time.

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Amount tappoints 4
Weight 0
Color Stainless steel