Lindr Baroko Dispense tower PVD/titanium finish

✓ Lindr Baroko Dispense Tower PVD/titanium finish
✓ Tower with Baroque style design
✓ Dispense tower with 1 to 6 taps
✓ Easy to connect to a beer cooler
✓ Made of wood with Stainless Steel

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Buy your Lindr Baroko Dispense tower PVD/titamium finish

The Lindr Baroko Dispense tower PVD/titamium finish is a design tap for on your bar, a true eyecatcher. This dispense tower is characterized by a Baroque style. The Lindr Baroko tower is available with 1 to 6 dispense taps. The dispense tower is supplied as standard with the dispense taps. The tower is finished with wood and Stainless steel.

Completing your Lindr Baroko Dispense Tower PVD/titamium finish

The Lindr Baroko dispense tower is easy to put together according to your wishes. In the dropdown menu you choos the amount of dispense taps you want to order. Through related products you can also choose a connection kit and a matching beer cooling system.

More Information
Amount tappoints 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Weight 8-15 kg
Color Chrome