Lindr AS-160 Inox Tropical 4 taps

✓ Lindr AS-160 Inox Tropical
✓ Beerdispenser type: tablemodel waterbath beercooler
✓ 4 Dispense taps
✓ Suited for high ambient temperatures
✓ Maximum cooling capacity of 160L/hour

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Lindr AS-160 Inox Tropical with 4 taps

The Lindr AS-160 Inox Tropical is a waterbath beercooler designed for dispensing beer in a warm ambient temperature. Because of the extra insulation this beerdispenser remains fully functional in an ambient temperature of upto 45℃. The AS-160 Inox Tropical has a maximum cooling capacity of 160 litres an hour and has 4 dispense taps for dispensing 4 different beers at the same time.

  • Dimensions: 730x455x585mm
  • Weight: 44,5kg

Lindr AS-160 Inox Tropical Green Line

The AS-160 Inox tropical is a beercooler from the Green Line by Lindr. This means that this cooler is made of fully recyclable materials and uses the more environmental friendly refrigerant R290. Furthermore the materials used in the production of this beerdispenser are of high quality and guarantee a long workinglife of this beercooler.

AS-160 Inox Tropical accessories

You can easily select your own accessories to complete this very flexible beerdipenser. At the related product you can, for example, find a double tapset and a cleaning set so you can connect and clean your beer cooler. If you need any help in completing your AS-160 Inox Tropical 4 taps feel free to contact us.

Because of the very specialist design and specific uses of the AS-160 Inox Tropical with 4 taps, we don't have this beerdispenser by default on stock. When you order this beercooler we will contact you about the delivery time, but keep in mind a minimum of 2 weeks. You can also contact us about the current expected delivery time.

More Information
Amount of Coils 4
Amount tappoints 4
Dimensions 691 * 452 * 584 mm
Weight 48,0 kg
Tank capacity 45 liter
Tapcapacity 160 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 874 W
Ice bank 10-30 kg