Lindr AS-110 Inox Tropical with 3 Taps

✓ Lindr AS-110 Inox Tropical
✓ Tablemodel waterbath chiller
✓ Beerdispenser with 3 dispense taps
✓ Suited for ambient temperature of 45℃
✓ Maximum coolingcapacity of 110L/uur

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AS-110 Inox Tropical countertop beercooler

This beercooler by Lindr is a tabletop model with 3 dispense taps which can be used to dispense 3 different beers at the same time. The Inox Tropical chillers are made specificly to be used in high ambient temperatures. For example in warm countries in southern Europe or in hot rooms. This beerdispenser remains fully functional in ambient temperatures of up to 45℃. The AS-110 Inox Tropical has a maximum cooling capacity of 110 litres an hour.

  • Dimensions: 640x450x480mm
  • Weight: 38kg

Greenline model AS-110 Inox Tropical

This beerdispenser is part of the Greenline by Lindr. Greenline beercoolers use the more environmental refrigerant R290. Furthermore the matrials used to make the beerdispenser are fully recyclable

AS-110 Inox Tropical accessories

The AS-110 Inox Tropical can be used with a wide range of accessories. For example at the related products you can find the single and double tapsets which help you with connecting the AS-110. You can also find a cleaningkit giving you the option to clean and maintain your beerdispenser

Because of the specific uses of this beerdispenser we don't have this beerdispenser by default on stock. Take into account a minium delivery time of 2 weeks . For information on the actual delivery time feel free to contact us

More Information
Amount of Coils 3
Amount tappoints 3
Dimensions 642 * 452 * 479 mm
Weight 38 kg
Tank capacity 30 liter
Tapcapacity 110 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 529 W
Ice bank 10-20 kg