Lindr External carbonated water unit

✓ Lindr External Carbonator water unit
✓ Soda mixer
✓ Tapcapacity 40 liter per hour
✓ For commercial use
✓ Mixing drinking water with CO2

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Lindr External Carbonator water unit

The Lindr External Carbonator is a professional machine the for production of chilled sparkling water by mixing drinking(tap)water and CO2. The Lindr External Carbonator is able to produce 40 liters of high quality carbonated water per hour. It is a very easy and costeffective solution for the restaurants or bars where there is a high demand for high quality sparkling water. This machine is inteded to be connected to a undercounter cooler, dry cooler and/or dispense towers.

Dimensions: 165*290*350 mm
Weight: 9,0 kg

Completing your Lindr External Carbonator

The Lindr External Carbonator is easy to assemble to your own wishes. Through related products, you can choose an undercounter cooler or tap to enjoy cooled soda water. The external carbonated water uses an external CO2 bottle with pressure reducer. These are NOT delivered with the machine. You need to order both seperately.

More Information
Dimensions 165 * 290 * 350 mm
Weight 9,0 kg
Tapcapacity 40 liter/hour
Power 345 W