Driptray Franke 40x40cm

✓ Franke driptray
✓ Stainless steel driptray
✓ Dimensions: 40x40cm
✓ Optional inbuild glass rinser
✓ Economy Line driptray

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Franke driptray 40x40cm

This driptray is 40x40cm it is a driptray from the Economyline. Because of the small dimensions this driptray is perfect to complete a small (home)bar. Included with the driptray is a drainage plug.

One solution for driptray and rinsing

As can be seen on the productfoto the driptray can be delivered with a build in rinser. This rinser is not delivered by default but an option you can select with the dropdownmenu. The combination of rinser and driptray makes this a compact solution for a small bar.

More Information
Width 40 cm
Depth 40 cm
Function Pouring, Flushing
Drain Yes
Brand Franke