Dispense tower complete to make your beercooler and undercounter cooler

✓ Dispense tower to complete your beercooler as an undercountercooler, with 1 tap
✓ Dispense tower steel (chrome or PVD/titanium)
✓ Dispense Head of choice
✓ With drip tray
✓ Al tubes and fittings are included

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Dispense tower complete to make an undercounter cooler

This set is to make your beercooler an undercounter cooler and ready for use. The set is with only one tap.

  • 1 dispense tower steel (color Chrome or PVD/titanium)
  • 1 tap(head)
  • 1 Single CO2 pressure reducere
  • 1 Dispense head of your choice
  • 1 Beer tube
  • 1 Pressure tube
  • 1 Isulated beer tube
  • 1 drip tray
  • 1 connection to convert your cooler to an undercounter cooler
  • 5 John Guest fittings for easy connection

This set is delivered WITHOUT beer cooler. The set can be used to expand your current beercooler with a dispense tower. If you do not have your own beercooler you can order it in our webshop.