Soda CW Compact Green Line

✓ Lindr CW Compact Green Line
✓ 20-25 liter chilled sparkling water an hour
✓ Tr 21x4 CO2 connection(same as Sodastream CO2 bottles)
✓ Easy to use
✓ Switch between chilled sparkling and plain water
✓ Suited for home or (small) office use

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Lindr CW Compact Green Line

The CW Compact Green Line is a professional chiller for creating well chilled sparkling- and flatwater. The CW Compact can produce up to 20-25 liters of well chilled sparkling water an hour. The water is easily tapped using the outlet at the front of the chiller. With the help of the switch at the front you can choose if you want to dispense flat or sparkling water. This practical machine is suited for use at a small office or at home.

Lindr Green Line

The Lindr Green Line chiller are environmental friendly chiller because they use the eco-friendly refrigerant R290. These chillers also incorporate energy saving system to reduce energy consumptions. The chillers are made of high quality stainless steel which meet the highest hygene standards and guarantee a long working life for this chiller.

Compact solution

The required CO22 for creating the sparkling water you can get from small CO2 bottles. These small bottles can be placed inside of the chiller saving you a lot of space. The connection for the CO2 bottles is Tr 21x4. You can for example use the Sodastream CO2 cillinders scince these has the same connection. Your first CO2 cillinder is included with the CW Compact. To connect water to the chiller you can use the 8mm John Guest coupler at the back. You can easily insert an 8mm tube to make the connection.