Cooling coils AS-80 & AS-110

✓ Cooling coils for AS-80 and AS-110
✓ Cooling coil block 3 & 4 AS-80 
✓ Cooling coil block 5 & 6 AS-110
✓ Upgrading the cooling coils on your current cooler

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Cooling coils for Lindr AS cooler
Cooling coils AS-80 & AS-110

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    Cooling coils for the AS-80 and the AS-110 water bath coolers by Lindr

    By deafault the AS-80 and AS-110 coolers are equiped with 2 cooling coils to connect 2 dispense taps. You can upgrade your AS-80 and AS-110 increasing the number of coiling coils and increasing the number of beers you can cool simultaneously. You can upgrade the AS-80 beer cooler to 4 cooling coils. You can do this by adding 1 block of coils. The coils you need to do this you need cooling coils 5 + 6. The length of the cooling coils 5 + 6 are 8 meters each. The AS-110 can be upgraded to 6 cooling coils. To do this you can add 2 blocks of cooling coils, block 3 + 4 and 5 + 6.

    Upgrading the cooling coils of the AS-80 and AS-110 Lindr water bath coolers

    By clicking on "Customize and Add to Cart" you can choose the desired cooling coil. For the AS-80 u can only choose the cooling coils 5 + 6 € 34,50 ex. VAT. For the AS-110 you can choose both cooling coils if you want to upgrade you capacity to 6 dispense taps.

    Length cooling coils

    • Cooling coils 3 + 4 have a length of 2 x 11 meter
    • Cooling coils 5 + 6 have a length of 2 x 8 meter