Cooling Coils 5 + 6 AS-160 and AS-200 (2 x 10 meter)

✓ Cooling coils for AS-160 en AS-200 water bath coolers by Lindr
✓ Cooling coils 5 + 6 for AS-160 and AS-200 beer cooler
✓ Upgrading cooling coils for the AS-160 and AS-200 beer cooler

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Cooling coils for the AS-160 and AS-200 beer cooler by Lindr

By default the AS-160 and AS-200 come with 4 cooling coils so you can connect 4 dispense heads. You can upgrade these coolers with more cooling coils to increase the number of dispense taps you can connect to the cooler. Both beer coolers can be upgraded to 6 cooling coils after buying using these cooling coils. If you want to have an AS-160 or AS-200 with 8 cooling coils this is also possible but these have to be custom made like that.

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