How do I connect a drycooler as undercounter cooler?


  • Sanitation adapter
  • John Guest fitting 5/8 * 9,5 mm
  • A beertube
  • Isolation tube

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Step 1:

Remove the tap from the drycooler.
Use a key for dispense taps to unscrew your tap from your beercooler.

Step 2:

Attach the sanitation adapter to where the tap was located.
Tighten it securely using a key for dispense taps.

Step 3:

Connect the John Guest fitting to the other side of the sanitation adapater.

Step 4:

Click the beer tube in the John Guest fitting and put the insulation tube over the beer tube.

Step 5:

Attach the other end of the beer tube to your dispense tower.

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