Complete set for using your drycooler as a undercounter cooler

✓ Connection kit to use a drycooler as undercounter cooler
✓ To connect your drycooler to a dispense tower

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Buy a connection kit for you drycooler to use it as an undercounter cooler

If you want to install a dry beer cooler as an undercounter cooler, you will neet this connection kit. This kit replaces the dispense tap which is on the beer cooler and connects the cooler with a dispense tower.

Working with this connection kit gives you the advantage that you can install your dry cooler in a cupboard and connect the beer cooler with a dispense tower. If you want to use the beer cooler as a mobile device you unplug the kit and reconnect the supplied tap and use the cooler as a mobile beer cooler.

Using the set with a Lindr dispense tower

All Lindr dispense towers have stainless steel tubes through which the beer flows towards the taps. To connect this set well to these tubes you can use John Guest Super Seal couplers. These are designed to have a good connection on stainless steel tubes. If you want to add a Super Seal coupler to your set you can easily add one by checking the box.