CO2 cylinder 3,6 kg (PICK UP ONLY)

✓ 3,6 kg CO2 cylinder
✓ CO2 cylinder to use for more than 350 liter beer

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CO2 cylinder with 3,6 kg of CO2

CO2 cylinder with a 3,6kg content of CO2. This CO2 cylinder can be used to tap more than 350liters of beer. CO2 cylinders can't be send to you and have to be picked up at our warehouse in Achterveld. For CO2 cylinders we have a partnership with AirProducts. This means you buy the CO2 bottle on our site for € 33,- excl. VAT. We will supply AirProducts with your contact information and they will arrange the rental of the cylinder. The costs to rent a CO2 cylinder is € 0,10 excl. VAT a day or € 30,00 excl. VAT a year. You can return the empty CO2 cylinder to any of the AirProducts establishments. You don't have to drive all the way to Achterveld to do this. If you are not able to get to Achterveld but you do wan't to get a CO2 cylinder from us, we can supply AirProducts with your contact information and they will contact you where the closest location for picking up a CO2cylinder is.

TAKE NOTE! We have to supply AirProducts with your contact information for the rent of the CO2 cylinder. If you buy this product you automaticly consent to us giving AirProducts your contact information! Bottles can only be sold to customers residing in the Netherlands.

Pickup only!