Beertap Pygmy Pro Kitchen Green Line

✓ Beertap Lindr Pygmy Pro Kitchen
✓ Luxurious design beertap
✓ Beertap with inbuilt air compressor
✓ Max capacity 35 ltrs/hr
✓ Designed to built into your kitchen / bar

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Beertap Pygmy Pro Kitchen

New in the luxurious design beertaps from Lindr is the Pygmy Pro Kitchen. This is a unique design beertap designed to buitl in to your kitchen / bar. The tempered black glass from this beertap together with the steel dispense tower gives this beertap its unique design. This beertap is designed in a way that when assembled in your bar there is more than enough air circulation possible to take care for optimal working performance of this beertap. The cooling compressor of this beertap is very quiet so you don't have to worry about to much noise while working.

The Pygmy Pro Kitchen beertap has a maximum cooling capacity of 35 liters per hour and a continuous cooling performance of 25 liters per hour. With this beertap you can easily pour 50 to 70 good chilled beers per hour. With the inbuilt air compressor you can also pour beers based on air pressure instead of CO2. The air pressure of this compressor works in a range from 2.8 to 3.2 bars with a pressure switch. You can't adjust the air pressure from this air compressor yourself. The cooling compressor makes use of the more environmental friendly R290 refrigerant and this beertap is made of fully recyclable materials. Equipped with a stainless steel tap you can pour several beverages like wine, cider, beers and premixed cocktails

* Dimensions: 350 * 397 * 628 mm
* Weight: 21,5 kg

The Pygmy Pro Kitchen is only the beertap. Via the related products at the side of this page you can choose for a dispensing set existing off a dispense head, tubes and John Guest fittings and a cleaning kit to clean your beertap and take care of an optimal working beertap.

We don't have this beertap standard on stock. If you order this cooler we will get in touch with you regarding the delivery term of this beertap. You can also ask for the delivery time of this beertap in advance.

More Information
Merk Lindr
Amount of Coils 1
Amount tappoints 1
Dimensions 397 * 350 * 628 mm
Weight 21,5 kg
Tapcapacity 35 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor Yes
Power 322 W
Outside diameter tube 8 mm, 9,5 mm