Beertap Party pump with dispense head

✓ Beertap Lindr Party pump
✓ Complete with dispense head of your choice
✓ Ideal for mobile use
✓ Pour beer directly from your keg

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Beertap Lindr Party pump with dispense head

This Lindr Party pump beertap is the most simple beertap there is. You can pour your beers directly from your cold beer keg. Just connect the dispense head with the Lindr Party pump directly to your keg. With the handpump at the top you can create pressure to pour your beers. You only need to take care of a cold keg of beer and you can pour your beers directly from your keg.

This Party pump beertap is ideal for mobile use at events or at home if you don't want a full beer dispensing installation.

This Party Pump complete set exists of

  • 1 x Lindr Party pump beertap
  • 1 x Dispense head of your choice (choose via the dropdown menu)
  • 1 x Beerskimmer
  • 1 x Cleaning brush 18 cm for cleaning beer glasses
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