Lindr AS-110 NEW undercounter beer cooler

✓ Lindr AS-110 NEW beercooler
✓ Water bath type beer cooler
✓ Maximum tapcapacity 110 liter per hour
✓ Continuous tapcapacity 60 liters per hour
✓ Beercooler for restaurants, pubs, bars and catering
✓ 2, 4 or 6 Cooling Coils
✓ Suitable to build in a bar

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Lindr AS-110 NEW undercounter beer cooler

The waterbath beer cooler Lindr AS-110 is designed for professional beverage cooling in restaurants, bars and the catering industry. The machine has a pump with displacement of 6 meter, thanks to which the cooler may be situated in the cellar keeping the beverage chilled all the way to the tap. The cooling time to reach the desired temperature is 1,5 a 2 hours. After this the AS-110 waterbath beer cooler is ready to serve you good chilled beers.

Standard the AS-110 waterbath beer cooler is equippend with 2 cooling coils. The amount of cooling coils can be increased to 6. You always have the option to pour 2 or more beers simultaneously. When you connect more beers / beverages to the AS-110 beer cooler the tapcapacity will be divided over the amount of cooling coils. The cooling coils are made of stainless steel and have an outside diameter of 8mm. The cooling coils are equipped with a John Guest fitting in which you can easily connect a 9,5mm nylon tube.

The AS-110 beer cooler makes us of the more environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant. The AS-110 beer cooler is made of fully recyclable mterials. The modern cooling compressor uses its energy input for direct cooling of the water bassin resulting in a more energy efficient cooler.Lindr waterbath beer coolers and dry coolers are very popular for their price, qualtity and durability.

Dimensions: 651 * 477 * 474 mm

Wieght: 28,5 kg

The new AS-110 coolers have a drain valve to easily drain water from the equipment, and a watermark to keep track of the water level in the water bassin.

Completing your Lindr AS-110 undercounter cooler

The Lindr AS-110 water cooler can easily be combined with some of our other products according to your wishes. You can choose your desired Dispense Tower a complete tapset for under-counter cooler and the right keg-couplers. You can also order a sanitation kit to clean your cooler to maximize service life.

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More Information
Amount of Coils 2, 4, 6
Dimensions 636 * 422 * 474 mm
Weight 34,0 kg
Tank capacity 38 liter
Tapcapacity 110 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 667 W
Ice bank 10-20 kg