Kontakt 40/K 2-taps complete set

✓ Kontakt 40/K 2-taps
✓ Beer dispenser with aircompressor
✓ Dispensing beer without CO2
✓ Maximum tapcapacity: 50L an hour
✓ Suited for beerfestivals, events and medium sized parties
✓ Very suitable as mobile beer dispenser

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Lindr Kontakt 40/K 2-taps complete set

The Kontakt 40/K 2-taps beer tap is a drycooler by Lindr with 2 dispense taps. With a continuous cooling capacity from 40 ltrs/hr this beer tap is good for 120 to 140 good chilled beers per hour. This beer tap is equipped with an inbuilt air compressor which gives you the possibility of pouring your beers with the help of airpressure. You can also pour your beers based on CO2 cause the air compressor can be switched off manually. 

Within 5 minutes after the chiller is switched on you can enjoy good chilled beers from this beer tap. 

  • Maximum tapcapacity: 50 litres an hour, continuous tapcapacity 40 litres/hour
  • Dimensions (L * W * H) = 478 * 227 * 435 mm (including driptray)
  • Weight: 29,0 kg

The short cool down period combined with the compact proportions and light weight makes the Kontakt 40/K 2-taps very popular as mobile beer tap for beerfestivals or events. 

The Kontakt 40/K 2-taps is a Greenline chiller which means that this beer tap is produced from fully recyclable metarial. For the cooling compressor the more environmentally friendly R290 coolant is used for this chiller. Greenline beer coolers from Lindr are also much more energy efficient. 

Lindr dry chillers are well known for their excellent ratio in price, quality and sustainability. 

Customizing your Lindr 40/K 2-taps complete set

The Lindr Kontakt 40/K 2-taps beer tap can be adjusted to your desires with the help of the drop down menus. With these menus you choose from which keg couplers you need and which cleaning adapter is going to be used. The only thing you need next to this set is two kegs with your favourite beer and you can enjoy good chilled beers from your own beer tap. 

More Information
Amount of Coils 2
Amount tappoints 2
Dimensions 331 * 227 * 435 mm
Weight 29,0 kg
Tapcapacity 50 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor Yes
Power 391 W