Why should I regularly clean my beercooler?

Beer is just like all other food and can spoil. In beer there occur three different kind of micro-organisms: Yeasts, Fungi and Bacteria. These organisms propagate the fastest when there is plenty of food, water, and oxygen, and when the temperature and the pH value are advantageous. Beer meets all these conditions. To prevent the deterioration of your beer, it is important that you take away the value "temperature". 37 ° C is the ideal temperature for micro-organisms to be able to propagate the fastest. It is therefore important that the beer is kept at a lower temperature so you slow down the spoiling process. If you don't do this beer will quickly lose its flavor, color and quality and you can no longer sell it.

Yeasts, molds and bacteria also grow in the leftover beer that remains in your tap and tubes at the end of the day. It is recommended you clean and desinfect you cooler every 30 days to ensure the quality of your beer. For keg coolers there are different arrangements, they need to be cleaned every 8 weeks. The best thing you can do after cleaning your instalation is connecting a new barrel. Older kegs are of lower quality so the just cleaned tubes and coils get dirty faster.

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