Soda Pygmy Green Line complete set

✓ Soda Pygmy green line complete
✓ Pour cold plain and sparkling water
✓ Maximum capacity of 20 liters an hour
✓ Suited for at the office, at home or small restaurant
✓ Including water filter and connection materials

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Lindr Soda Pygmy Greenline

The Lindr Soda Pygmy is a professional chiller with with you can easily pour cold plain and sparkling water. The Lindr Soda Pygmy Greenline is a great machine for at the office, at home or in a small restaurant. With this chiller it is possible to pour upto 20 liters of well chilled sparkling water an hour. The Soda Pygmy Greenline is made off fully recyclable materials and uses the more environmental friendly coolant R290.

Dimensions: 180*300*420mm
Weight: 20,0 kg

Lindr Soda Pygmy Greenline complete CO2 setup

The Lindr Soda Pygmy requires CO2 to produce the sparkling water. There are 2 options for connecting the CO2: large refillable CO2 cylinders or small disposable cylinders.
For the is large refillable CO2 cylinders a regular CO2 pressure reducer is required. This type of cylinder is too big to ship with the set and you will have to arrange one yourself.
The small disposable CO2 cylinders require a special mini CO2 reducer. The big advantage is that these small cylinders can be shipped and you can always easily order a new one and put it in a cabinet as a spare.
Using the drop down menu you can tell us if you want to use the set with the large or small CO2 cylinders. If you choose the large cylinders we will include a regular CO2 pressure reducer and the required connection materials. If you choose the small cylinders you will receive a small CO2 pressure reducer and 2 cylinders so you can immediately connect and start using the Soda Pygmy Greenline.

Lindr Soda Pygmy Greenline complete set

The Lindr Soda Pygmy Greenline complete set contains the following:

  • Soda Pygmy Greenline
  • Waterfilter en filtercase
  • John Guest to connect the Soda Pygmy to a 3/4" washing machine tap
  • Required tubes and couplers
  • CO2 setup of your choice
More Information
Amount tappoints 2
Dimensions 180 * 300 * 420 mm
Weight 19,0 kg
Tapcapacity 25 liter/hour
Power 391 W