Dispensing from a Bag-in-Box

We often got the question from customers if they could tap drinks (for example white wine) from a Bag-in-Box system and tap these with a Lindr beer dispenser. Right now we have the solution on how to do this with the bag-in-box pump. With this bag-in-box pump and a Lindr beer dispenser with aircompressor you can cool and tap directly from a bag-in-box. Connecting the bag-in-box pump is easy and it should be no problem to do this yourself.


  • Lindr beer dispenser with build in aircompressor
  • bag-in-box pomp
  • bag-in-box container with your drink

Connecting the bag-in-box pump to the Lindr beer dispenser

Included with the bag in box are hoses. The thickest one (12,7mm) connects the bag in box container to the input of the pump. A 9,5mm hose connects the output of the pump to the Lindr dispenser. From the Lindr dispenser a 8 mm airhose connects to a 9,5 mm with a John Guest connector. The 9,5mm airhose controls and powers the bag in box pump. The last 9,5mm airhose lets the pressure escape from the bag in box pump after each rotation.

In the clip below you can see how this works. The clip is in Dutch but we are happy to help you in English if you have any questions. Send us an e-mail

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