Lindr Soda AS-45 complete

✓ Lindr SODA AS-45 complete
✓ Soda + flat water
✓ Maximum tapping capacity of: 40-50litres an hour
✓ Chiller for commercial use
✓ 2 Dispense taps
✓ Water with CO2

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Lindr Soda AS-45 waterchiller complete

The Lindr Soda AS-45 is a professional chiller for creating cold soda water with the help of CO2, you can use the second tap to dispense chilled water or a different beverage, for example beer. The soda water is created by mixing water with CO2.

This machine has been designed for commercial use. The Soda AS-45 produces 40-50 litres of well chilled soda water an hour. The casing of the Soda AS-45 is made off high quality stainless steel which gives the machine a clean look.

The Lindr Soda AS-45 has 2 dispense taps and is delivered with matching driptray. This set will be delivered complete to dispense well chilled soda- and flat water. If you wish to dispense another drink than flat water feel free to contact us for advice.

Complete set Soda AS-45

This complete set with the Soda AS-45 consists of the following:

  • Soda AS-45
  • CO2 pressure reducer
  • Pressure- and watertubes for the connections
  • Required John Guest couplers, including a 3/4" coupler for on a washing machine tap
  • Waterfilter and filter housing by 3M
This set does not contain a CO2 pressure cylinder.

More Information
Amount of Coils 2
Amount tappoints 2
Dimensions 440 * 270 * 430 mm
Weight 24,0 kg
Tapcapacity 45 liter/hour
With inbuild aircompressor No
Power 345 W