How do I pour beer?

In the video above Hertog Jan brewmaster Gerard van den Broek explains how to pour a beer (the video is in Dutch)


Prepare your bar and fill your sinks. The first sink is filled with water, special soap and brushes. The second is filled with water only. Wash your glass on the middle brush so that all sides of the glass are be cleaned. Make sure the water runs from the clean glass and no dry spots will stay on the glass. Rinse the glass in the sink with water and make sure no soap residue is left in or on the glass.

Pouring the beer:

Open the tap completely at once and let a little bit of the beer run out. Now keep the glass at an angle of 45 degrees below the tap. Take a look at the foam, and as soon as it reaches the upper part of the glass close the faucet. Put the glass down but not directly under the tap, because it drips. Take the skimmer and place it at a 45 degree angle at the top of the glass to scour. Place a coaster on the bar and put the glass on top of it with the logo toward your costumer.

How do you see your glass is rinsed well:

If a beer is half empty the foam should stick to the glass. You also need to see the different drinking occasions. When you can see all of this then you can be sure you've washed your glass properly.