How do I connect an undercounter waterbath cooler?



Step 1: Preparation

Put all the stuff ready and put the Keg and CO2 bottle firmly on the ground, so it can not topple over.

Step 2: Connecting the CO2 pressure reducer

Twist the pressure reducer on the CO2 cylinder. With a wrench size 30 you can tighten the reducer firmly to the cylinder without damaging anything.

Step 3: Connecting the pressure tube to the CO2 bottle

The pressure tube (the blue stripe one), has to be plugged into the John Guest fitting and connected to the CO2 pressure reducer.

Step 4: Preparing the keg coupler

The other side of the pressure tube goes onto the dispense head, on the side of the dispense head you have to connect a John Guest fitting to connect the tube.
The top of the keg coupler is for the beer tube which is also connected to the keg coupler with the help of a John Guest fitting.

Step 5: Connecting the watercooler

Connect the free side of the beer tube to the input side of the watercooler.
Take note of the color of the cooling coils when inserting the tube.
Black in goes to black out, red in goes to red out, and so on.

Step 6: Connecting the dispense tower

Attach the dispense tower to the bar, which can be secured with the help of the screw under the dispense tower.
Connect the John Guest fitting on the stainless steel coil. The tube with the least amout of rings is the tube for beer.

Step 7: Connecting the dispense tower with the watercooler

If you've connected everything well, you'll have one beer tube left.
This is the tube that connects the output of the beercooler to the dispense tower. Connect this tube to the output of the beer cooler and the other side to the John Guest coupler connected to the dispense tower.

Step 8: Connecting the keg

The last step will be to connect the keg coupler to the keg.
Make sure the keg coupler is placed securely.
To make the connection, the lever must be pressed down.

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