Difference in beer coolers with 1 or 2 taps

Some dry coolers from Lindr are available with 1 or 2 taps. How does that affect the tap capacity?

All Kontakt 40 dry coolers from Lindr have the same cooling block in the cooler and the total capacity of all Kontakt 40 beer taps is the same; maximum 50 liters per hour. There is the Kontakt 40 1-taps and the Kontakt 40 2-taps, the difference is the length of the cooling coils. In the Kontakt 40 1-tap there is one cooling coil of 28-meter in the cooler. At the Kontakt 40 2-taps there are two cooling coils of 14 meters each in the cooler. This means that the cooling block in the 1-taps version can use all its cooling capacity to cool beer in this one cooling coil. With the coolers with 2-taps the cooling block has to distribute its capacity over the 2 cooling coils. The cooling capacity of the cooling motor in combination with the length of the cooling coil plays a role in the number of liters of cooled beer that can be poured from the taps per hour.

The Kontakt 40 beer taps have a maximum tapping capacity of 50 liters / hour. With the Kontakt 40 1-taps, the cooling engine can use this tapping capacity completely for the single cooling coil. At the Kontakt 40 2-taps, this capacity is divided and we can "roughly" say that only a maximum of 25 liters / hour of cooled beer can be poured with each tap. With every dry cooler where there are 2 taps, you must actually divide the specified tapping capacity by 2 to calculate the tapping capacity per tap.

The maximum tapping capacity stated in a beer tap is influenced by the ambient temperature. As the ambient temperature increases, the apacity of a beer cooler decreases slightly. For a cooler with 1 tap / cooling coil, this decrease will be smaller than for beer coolers with 2 taps / cooling coils. With a beer cooler with 1 tap / cooling coil the cooling capacity is used more efficiently.

Which beer tap dry cooler is suitable for me?

If you always choose from one beer keg, we always recommend a dry cooler with 1 tap. However if, in addition to ordinary beer, you also want to offer a special beer or other type of beer, a beer tap with 2 taps can be a better option. If you have a dry cooler with 2-taps and only want use one beer keg, we advise you to put a splitter in the beer line so that you can use both taps. This allows you to make better use of the tapping capacity of the beer tap.

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