Connecting the Partypump beerdispenser

In the video below you will see how to connect a Lindr partypump . Lindr's Partypump is a handy and practical beerdispenser that you can use if you want to pour beer out of a keg but do not want to buy a beer cooler. The partypump is connected directly on a dispense head. The direct connection creates a solid construction and makes it easy for you to pour beer.

Since the partypump works based on air, keep in mind that beer kegs will lose their quality after 24-hours when using the partypump. This is the same principle as with beercoolers with a built-in compressor.

For well cooled beer it is important to cool the beer keg before you use the partypump.

Should you still have questions about connection the partypump? You can always contact us via the contact page.

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