Connecting a Lindr dispense head

In the instruction video below we will show you how you can easily connect a Lindr dispense head. You bought a Lindr dispense head with us. The dispense heads that we have in our assortment do all have 5/8" outerthread screwings. When you bought a complete beer tap installation with us than you also received John Guest fittings that you can easily connect to your dispense heads. When you only bought a Lindr dispense head that you want to connect with your beer and pressure tubes than your current nuts don't always fit on the new dispense head. In some of these cases you might need two stainless steel adapters from 5/8" innerthread to 3/8" flare outerthread

Easily connecting a Lindr dispense head

Either if you need to use two stainless steel adapters or not. Connecting a Lindr dispense head is quiet easy. At the side of the dispense head there you see the CO2 connection with a nut and a tube pillar. Unscrew the nut and take it away together with the tube pillar. You will also find a transparent non-return valve transparent non-return valve that needs to stay in the connection of the dispense head and is very important. After this step you can easily screw a John Guest bolt or your own nuts with the tubes on your dispense heads.

In the instruction video below you will see all of the steps above in a short video.

If you have any further questions about connecting your Lindr dispense head after watching this movie? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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